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Enhancements are underway at Living Shores Aquarium. Learn more about our habitats and exhibits here.


Discover Our Underwater Habitats

Get a birds-eye view our underwater habitats and learn what makes each one unique.

Enhancements are underway at Living Shores Aquarium. The below habitats and exhibits are currently open for our guests to enjoy:



Critter Wall

Get an up close look at some of our smaller residents, including snakes, insects, amphibians and our new axolotls!




Silver Moony Exhibit

This exhibit is temporarily closed.
Our school of metallic Silver Moonys will catch your eye as they swim along in coordinated fashion!




Cold Water Trout Exhibit

Learn about and watch brown, rainbow, and brook trout as they swim and grow in their environment!




New Hampshire Species Exhibit

Get a closer look at common warm water sport fish like largemouth bass, catfish, and yellow perch.




Coral & Great Barrier Reef Exhibit

Everyone’s favorite clownfish and blue tang can be found here, along with other colorful species found on Indo Pacific Reefs.




Tropical Reef Exhibit

A colorful collection of angelfish, butterflyfish, damselfish, and wrasses found along the Atlantic Coast.


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Daily Talks & Education

Daily Talks & Education