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Touch Pools

Get Up Close With Some of Our Residents

Explore our underwater habitats and learn about what makes each one unique!



Red Garra Touch Pool

These small fish are native to rivers, streams, ponds and lakes in West Asia. They are also known as “Nibble Fish” or “Doctor Fish” as they have been used in spa treatments across Europe and Asia. They are becoming rare in the wild due to overfishing and habitat degradation.




Stingray Touch Pool

Reach in and touch our 4 species of rays. Cow Nose Rays, Atlantic Stingrays, Yellow Stingrays and Atlantic Guitarfish glide along the bed of the tide pool. You can add on a feeding when available for an even more memorable experience!




Bamboo Shark Touch Pool

White Spotted Bamboo Sharks, Brown Banded Bamboo Sharks, Epaulette Sharks and Coral Catsharks are the friendly kind! You may see them "walk" across the bottom on their fins!




Large Invert Touch Pool

Use 2 fingers to touch horseshoe crabs, Caribbean spiny lobsters, large crabs, hermit crabs and large snails.




Small Invert Touch Pool

Use 2 fingers to touch urchins, shrimp, small crabs, feather duster worms, and more.


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Daily Talks & Education

Daily Talks & Education