Educational Talks

Fun, educational talks led by a member of our animal care staff take place Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at the times below. Each talk is about 10-15 minutes and occurs at the appropriate exhibit. Plan to catch one during your visit!

top view of NH Lakes exhibit

NH Lakes & Rivers

Learn more about our local waters! This talk takes place at 11:00am at our NH Lakes Exhibit.

Two otters on a log

Otterly Fun Facts

They sure are cute! Our romp of otters are highly intelligent & entertaining and you can find out more at 12:00 pm at their exhibit.

Cownose ray swimming toward water surface

Stingray 101

It's like they're gliding across the bottom! Learn more about our 4 species of rays at 1:00pm at the stingray exhibit.

Bamboo Shark among reef

Crazy About Sharks

Our 4 species of sharks are the friendly kind! Learn how to "spot" the differences between them at 2:00 pm at the shark exhibit.