Educational Talks

Fun educational talks led by a member of our animal care staff take place Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at the times below. Each talk is about 10-15 minutes and occurs at the appropriate exhibit.

brightly colored lorikeet

Explore the Rainforest

Learn more about our rainforest inhabitants, from lorikeets to poison dart frogs! This talk takes place at 11:00am in our aviary.

Two otters on a log

Otterly Fun Facts

They sure are cute! Our romp of otters are highly intelligent & entertaining and you can find out more at 12:00 pm at their exhibit.

Cownose ray swimming toward water surface

Stingray 101

It's like they're gliding across the bottom! Learn more about our 4 species of rays at 1:00pm at the stingray exhibit.

Bamboo Shark among reef

Crazy About Sharks

Our 4 species of sharks are the friendly kind! Learn how to "spot" the differences between them at 2:00 pm at the shark exhibit.