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Our Otters Love to Paint

Painting is a form of animal enrichment that keeps the otters stimulated and happy! Our otters enjoy a variety of activities like painting, swimming, playing with toys, & more.

Paws of Love Ott-ction for Charity

Bidding has now closed. Thank you to everyone who purchased an otter painting to support Tin Mountain! Each painting was made with otter-safe on canvas by our very own Asian small-clawed otters, and all proceeds go to the Tin Mountain Conservation Center. Harry, Teddy, Peanut, Jelly & Saco have made 10 unique paintings they hope you'll enjoy!

A pair of otters

"Don't Get Koi!"

A pair of otters

"Shrimply The Best"

A pair of otters


Ottergram Sweepstakes

This year 25 lucky winners got a paw-painted Valentine’s Day card of their own. Winners have been notified.

A pair of otters


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A pair of otters